PICK OF THE WEEK! This play makes you fluctuate between anger, pity, disdain and rage, and from the beginning you feel that whatever resolution is reached, one of the characters will have a terrible conclusion.”
- Jose Ruiz, www.reviewplays.com
"Artfully crafted... thought-provoking... beautifully balanc[es] drama with the kind of institutional questions that should make you question."
- Campus Circle
“A RIVETING EVENING…directed with finesse… Julian has a facility with dialogue.”
- Dale Reynolds, StageHappenings.com
“ ‘Silence No One’ is the motto for this interesting, original production … with excellent acting.”
- Los Angeles Post
"John Iacovelli’s set and Michael Gend’s lighting are appropriately stark for the concept of a careless god who does, indeed, play dice with human beings."
- George Alexander, culturevulture.net
"Thought-provoking and intelligent... incites discussion, which is the opposite of silence, and therefore a step in the direction intended by the playwright."
- AroundTownPasadena
It's a drama that asks questions of the clergy and of the people who interact with the clergy in diverse ways. Simply staged with fine directing by Aaron Lyons. If you want to see the other side of your favorite morning news anchor.......don't miss it!
- Hettie Lynne Hurtes
"The architecture of the script is crafted so carefully that one can’t help but be engulfed by the story."
- Jose Ruiz, reviewplays.com
"Director Aaron Lyons modulates the emotional exchanges of the five quite well"
- George Alexander, culturevulture.net
"The set was gorgeous; a single wall provided the backdrop to a dimly lit hillside, a brightly lit home, a bare and barren church, and the use of space and light helped bring the entire audience along a painful ride."
- Campus Circle
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What Kind of God? has completed its 2013 theatrical run. Thanks to all who supported and/or attended the play
Running through Oct. 20, 2013 at Hollywood's Lillian Theatre